What is Liffry?

...more like WHO is Liffry? Liffry wants to be the brains of your growing business. Liffry is a platform that will allow you to run as a business online. He's an expenses, invoicing, deliveries, product, sales and user management expert. ...and slowly but surely, he's getting better. Slowly but surely.

If you are a small business that relies heavily on small-scale customer management, order fulfilment and other day-to-day business operations and would like to see what Liffry can do for you, please do get in touch. Give us a call on +31 636 127 308. ...or drop us a mail at mail@liffry.com

Got (...or want) users?

Allow users to sign up, place orders and manage their account

Invoice much?

Create and manage all of your orders & invoices

Spend much?

Manage all of your day-to-day expenses

Tax woes?

Don't worry! Liffry uses your expenses and invoices to create your end-of-month tax data

Got things to deliver?

Liffry's strong suit is fulfilment. Let him take care of your deliveries

Worry about things?

Liffry provides you with meaningful end-of-month statistics based on all of your inputs

Let us help you

Liffry is there to allow small businesses to focus on what they're best at, not on the things that are tedious and time consuming. All you have to do is put him to work! Add the right things and he'll sort out the rest for you.

Have we twisted your arm or piqued your interest?